Ricker Winsor


I am a painter and a writer. In painting I work both outdoors, plein air style, and in the studio from imagination. My paintings are in oil paint.

I draw in ink with reed pens that I make, and brushes.
Links to my writing are on the front page of this website.


Northfield Mount Hermon School, Mount Hermon, Massachusetts 1959-1963

Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, 1963-1967 English

Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island 1975-1978, BFA, MFA

I have taught painting and drawing all over the world, on both coasts of the USA, in Bangladesh, which I loved, in Trinidad, and in Indonesia. I have exhibited all over the world and collectors have over one hundred and fifty of my paintings. I am proud of that.

I have written five books including a major project where I was the editor. All of that is at Amazon, the link on the front page of my website. My writing is published at two great online journals, one in America and the other in France.


My wife is an Indonesian citizen and we live happily here in Surabaya, Indonesia where I have permanent resident status. I teach English to local teachers two days a week.
I have a lot of diverse experience which informs my writing and I speak four languages, English, Spanish, French, and Indonesian. I lived in France at one time and also in Mexico and Spain.

I grew up in New York where my father was a famous television producer. His name is Roy Winsor. He also wrote three mystery novels, the first one winning the Edgar Allen Poe award for the best mystery from a new writer.

In college I worked in the theater and spent two summers in summer stock, appeared in tv commercials, and on soap operas.

I became a photographer and traveled widely covering stories for magazines and writing them as well, the first places my writing was published. I worked as a photographer on films, and as a photo journalist during the 1960’s.

I moved to Lyme, New Hampshire in 1970 and began renovating an old house. I was a photographer and exhibits designer for Dartmouth College.

We moved to the Catskill Mountains about one hundred miles from Manhattan and I started a cabinet and furniture business based on the skills I learned renovating the house in New Hampshire.


During that time, I was also an instructor at the Joan and Lee Wulff Fly Fishing School on the Beaverkill River for three years before continuing a teaching career started when I was twenty-five years old.

We moved to Washington state where I was the Department Chair in the Art Department of a private secondary school for eight years before taking my first overseas teaching post

I will make some links to the photography and the wood working here.

Photography Black and White

Photography "Back to the Garden"