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fullness of summer old hutchins place  a home of our own-the old Hutchins place indoor plumbing water rw chopping wood
Alfred's Homestead 8 N tractor a hunter's year, bare ground after work baseball 1971
aldo the crow alfred at shinbang another buck alfred and phil apple pealings
baiting trap for fisher 5 lb largemouth from Pout Pond Barn Renonvation bear cub
bear makes a nice pot roast bill and morris brookies from trout pond alfred at cummings pond
butchering pig canned goods for winter cat hunters Chris Jackson and Dot Craven
clearing land fv cod fishing trip cold frame and compost Dan Mikus- gardening master
alphonse with big cat country lunch country still life country table fare
Cummins pond cutting the elm dr berger saves drawing box
Elderberry Jam ermine in the window First Garden at the Fleet Estate guy nichols and mrs nichols
fisher tracks Francine freddie dunbar king of the road fresh frozen perch
Harry Sanborn fv with turkeys on chaise fv catch of the day garden growing
George in the Delaware Gert Horton- tougher than a pine knot Gettin in the wood great farmer Walt Record
alfred barbie paula Guy Nichols Nichols Hardware hands that feed us Harold Wing in his Orchard
fv with pigeon Harry and Dora Sanborn homestead fv I built a cabin a mile from the road
I raised pigeons and raced them ice fishing winnepesauke joe and bill with turkeys John Balch
jump start Kenneth Elder with trophy Lyme buck king of the arctic land owner and estate
larry kilham with raven launching the boat lucy king lyme historian Lyme Cash Store
Mason Balch Lyme Center Rd summer lyme church lyme home guard
Lyme homestead from sand hill lyme vigil Making Meat, Chickens nichols bros sell woodstoves lyme n.h.
making meat Mason Balch in his Lyme Cash Store melynda caught a fish michael's bus
modern glenwood mort bailey with dozer my bear hill cabin My cabin in the woods
My Girl Nantucket blues for the freezer nantucket blues never knew what hit him
new roof on barn nichols on the common lyme nh one light bulb
onion sets ready for planting Orfordville Homesteaders onions for the winter Our Town
out in the hills with my Chevy painting in the garden parade lyme n.h. patchen with sandra
Pearl Dimmik penny two wheeler penny with cup pickerel at mud pond
pickerel in the morning light pickles rising fish on Pout Pond Pig in two pieces
planting an orchard planting plowing the garden pole beans kentuckey wonders
rw cb lambert privy pupsie and aj rw with akbar
penny's pony rabbit hunters radishes Rae Welch
relaxing at post pond root cellar construction rows to hoe rw in chukar country
rw with salmon sills for cabin in the woods sisters skinny dip bear hill pond
smooth green snake snow storm barn sandra netting Softball after work
RW with good smallmouth bass tomatoes spring grass fire study by the window fv
summer fair on the common Lyme NH summer squash summer wind in lombardy poplars Sunflowers
snow in the mountains sweet corn ready tapping the trees Ted Levin
the beauty all around us the winter trail their daughter Paula is getting married Woodwork!  wood work
throwing some shoes behind the barn coon hunters Alfred Balch and Harold Wing  coon hunters Harold Wing and Alfred Balch.jpg tom brown portrait tomotoes for canning
trolling for pike turkeys two great hunters Alfred Balch and John Balch up and away
wood pile venison for the winter vince in his country Walt Records Easter Egg Tree
we dug potoes we knew how to catch them wind sand hill home winter pike through the ice
winter relenting at last working the land yellow ebenezer onions yet another garden-this one in Rehobeth RI
A favorite time we had each other